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Songsalive!® is the largest international non-profit membership organization and social community for songwriters and composers, since 1997. Songsalive! is run by volunteer songwriters for songwriters and is dedicated to nurturing, support, education and promotion of songwriters and composers worldwide.  Through Songsalive!, songs and songwriters can be accessed by the whole world and when the hunt is on, Songsalive! is a one-stop song shop!



"I can say confidently that Songsalive! has been one of the premier songwriting associations in the world, and this is even more so today. An important resource and friend to any songwriter or singer/songwriter out there looking for help and assistance from their own peers."- Alan Roy Scott, Motown Songwriter and International Music Entrepreneur, Music Bridges


"Songsalive! is a great place to improve your craft in an honest, supportive environment. You can pick up great perspective on your material. I always enjoy speaking there."
Joe Solo
Songwriter & producer




Pro Member Spotlight
Pro Member Spotlight: Kevin Mongelli
Posted by Mary Lemanski

We are all excited about  - Kevin Mongelli - featured for the Songsalive! Pro member Spotlight for July/August 2014. 

Check out his profile on Songsalive ! and enjoy the Album Review and interview below!

Album Review   "INSPERATO"

The new album by Kevin Mongelli, "INSPERATO Take the Journey," is a wonderful collection of solo piano pieces.  The 19-minute title track, "INSPERATO," starts the album with slightly dissonant, moving octaves, but changes and flashes from one theme to the next.  The piece takes the listener on a journey of sound and would make...Read More

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