The art of songwriting has much to do with your willingness to allow it to come to you as is the need for "talent". Welcome to Songsalive! I'm so glad you are here. You have the opportunity now to turn the creative tap on, engage in your songwriting world, continue your lifelong learning, and begin the rest of your life with dedication and enthusiasm on something you love: songs and songwriting. Throw into the mix your mastery of the business, craft and willingness to continue to learn & grow, you will no doubt be the MASTER of your creative destiny.  No matter what level you are at, beginner or pro, we are here to help in that process and journey, as well as provide a platform for you and your songs to be heard. You are not alone. We are here. It's time to begin.


Gilli Moon
President, Songsalive!



Songsalive!® is the largest international non-profit membership organization and social community for songwriters and composers, since 1997. Songsalive! is a is a grassroots, philanthropic, volunteer managed charity organization run by songwriters for songwriters and is dedicated to nurturing, support, education and promotion of songwriters and composers worldwide. Through our grassroots international efforts, we’ve put a stamp on what “global community” truly is and it’s the type of community that is definitely needed in this ever changing music business where songwriting can be a very isolating experience and career.

We provide a "home", a family, for songwriters and composers through our programs, resources, community and support, all focused on the art and business of songwriting. It acts as an epicenter, a heart of the international songwriting community and music markets, bridging the gaps, tapping songwriters into the pulse of the business and at the same time giving them and their music the support they deserve. Through Songsalive!, songs and songwriters can be accessed by the whole world and when the hunt is on, Songsalive! is a one-stop song shop!

Songsalive! gives life to songs, provides opportunities for collaboration, creates awareness about original music, promotes and educates through an amazing network of programs providing access between songwriters and music business professionals. Publishing companies, record companies, venues, managers, producers, schools, the wider media and music associations are always teaming up with us to create the chain of support and networking.

We run our own programs, support, and events for songwriters and composers, and also act as an umbrella, or a link in the chain, for songwriters to know and find out other events, resources and support centers for them, globally.

Our Mission is to "Encourage and foster all genres of original music and song expression within our songwriters' communities, in order to support and promote songwriters and composers worldwide, through critique workshops, showcases, events, educational seminars, conferences, and programs with continued development, annual reviews and expansion." 

Songsalive! is a fully Incorporated Non-Profit Company - 501)c)3 Public Benefit Educational Charity; and California State and USA Federal Tax Non Exempt Status. Songsalive! is a Registered Trademark



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"I can say confidently that Songsalive! has been one of the premier songwriting associations in the world, and this is even more so today. An important resource and friend to any songwriter or singer/songwriter out there looking for help and assistance from their own peers."- Alan Roy Scott, Motown Songwriter and International Music Entrepreneur, Music Bridges


"Songsalive! is a great place to improve your craft in an honest, supportive environment. You can pick up great perspective on your material. I always enjoy speaking there."
Joe Solo
Songwriter & producer




Pro Member Spotlight
Pro Member Spotlight: Sabrina & Craig
Posted by Mary Lemanski

We are all excited about  - Sabrina & Craig - featured for the Songsalive! Pro member Spotlight for April/May 2015. 

Check out their profile on Songsalive ! and enjoy the Album Review and interview below!

Album Review   "GREEN"

Have you ever been to Nashville's Tin Pan Alley? I have. But recently, I felt it listening to Sabrina & Craig's GREEN album. I wouldn't call it folk. More like a motly of southern and all american sounds, stories and textures. Consider it, a lovely musical tapestry, that is Sabrina Schneppat and her musical...Read More

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