Songsalive! Workshops

Are you a songwriter willing to take your songs to the next level? Workshop your songs to be the best they can be, and get them out to the world.  The Songsalive! Workshops take place at various Songsalive! Chapter cities around the world. (and sometimes online).
Open to all songwriters, composers, musicians, singers and music lovers, this is your chance to develop your songwriting in a supportive and intimate environment, meet invaluable music industry experts, network with fellow members, and be part of your local songwriters community. 
Come to regular Songsalive! song critique workshops and develop collaborations, meet industry guests, showcase and gain feedback for your songs and music in a professional and supportive environment. The Songsalive! workshops are open to all songwriters and music composers of all levels and music genres (preference is given to Pro members for critique, and we encourage everyone to join Songsalive! to maximize your opportunities with us).
The first half is solely dedicated to an in-the-round critique workshop where writers present one song each - either on tape, CD (sometimes iPod) or live - with feedback and critique given by a guest speaker or the Songsalive! moderator (who in-turn allows some comments from attendees also).
The second half is dedicated to an Music Industry educational and informative discussion/talk, often with a guest speaker, and plenty of time to talk and network.  Our guest speakers represent all facets of the industry from A&R, publishers, successful producers, CD production and distribution execs and, of course, writers and composer who share their ideas, tips & techniques on all aspects of the songwriting craft. 
Some topics include song structure, song production, lyric writing, finding inspiration, songs and the media, promoting your music online, how to tour, how to get songs in film and television, performing at your best.
Our workshops are designed for songwriters and composers (from budding to professional) who have written songs, or are in the songwriting stage, who want to further their craft, gain feedback on their music, and potentially get their songs out to the world. However, we also have singers, musicians, and non music types who attend as it's a great networking opportunity (singers looking for songwriters, or musicians looking for songs, as examples). 
The goals of the workshop are about:
1) the SONG and making it the best it can be
2) providing a community for our members to gather, network, collaborate and learn.
It is essential to register/RSVP your attendance in advance so that the coordinator knows how many to expect and ensure a successful workshop for all. (In Los Angeles it is mandatory) 
Pro members can attend workshops for free (non-members may attend for a nominal entry fee of $5-$10)
1. Members and Non-Members can attend the Workshop, however, only Pro Members can present their song for critique (unless there is only  small group)
2. First timers (whether Member or Non-Member) may only watch/audit the workshop (not present a song), but can participate in question/answer segment.
3. Song presenters for critique - be prepared as follows:
a)  Bring at least 20 typed copies of your lyric sheet (with full contact details) [instrumentals also welcome]
b) bring your song on CD or perform live (bring your instrument).
c) have CD labeled with track number and instruments tuned and ready.
d) All songs must be original. (written or co-written).
Songsalive! also visits schools for intensive songwriting workshops. If you would like us to come in and conduct seminars in your schools or colleges, please contact us.
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Songsalive! is a great place to improve your craft in an honest, supportive environment. You can pick up great perspective on your material. I always enjoy speaking there.
- Joe Solo


Songsalive! online Songwriting Workshop

Imagine gaining professional feedback on your songs from wherever you are!

Songsalive! runs songwriting/song critique workshops in various chapters around the world. But it can be hard for a songwriter to attend if you don't live near the chapter. So we decided to develop an Online Songwriting Workshop where songwriters can attend from anywhere in the world to receive feedback on their songs and meet with our special Music Industry Guest Speakers. Are you interested to attend?

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