Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award


The CHOSEN RECIPIENT (1) of the 2015 Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year Award will be selected carefully by a handful of judges and team, and WILL BE ANNOUNCED at our End of Year Holiday Party Los Angeles. See our events page for more info. We hope you can attend the night and hear who will have been chosen.

We base this prestigious award on this criteria:    

  • Has hit songs - timely and strong radio friendly songs that are ready for the world's music markets or has been deemed as world-class.
  • Can provide a track record of career successes with one's music but not necessarily commercial success.
  • Shows exemplary talent and commitment to ones art of writing songs.
  • Shows a long standing drive and commitment to one's own business career.
  • Exemplary member of Songsalive! who shows commitment to our community and programs over time. (Yes you must be a Pro Member of Songsalive! Check your membership status at or email
  • Shown commitment and dedication to the broader songwriting community at large and offers something beyond just oneself.


Apply for the Award - 2015

Applications are received all year around, however we choose one (1) recipient each year by Nov 30.

WHAT TO SUBMIT: see further below where to nominate.

1) Upload one (1) song for consideration based on the above criteria.

2) In the comments, write a professional letter explaining how you as a songwriter fit into the above criteria, and also provide a website url where we can visit to read more about you.

If we feel you are eligible we will ACCEPT your submission, but this doesn't mean you have won the award. It only means you are now in the running for the Award. After our professional music industry panel listen to all accepted submissions, we will notify you if you have been selected for final review.



At the End Of Year Holiday Party, Los Angeles - we announce the Recipient of the Award.

So, if you are nominated, you will want to be there to receive it in person! (Out of towners, naturally, we'll mail the trophy to you)


What do you receive?

  • A specially engraved trophy with your name on it, from Songsalive!
  • Only 1 award is given yearly. 
  • Dedicated promotional campaign surrounding the winner announcement through our mailing lists and social networks (16,000+ subscribers)
  • Featured on this web page for as long as we are alive.
  • A lovely feeling that you have been awarded based on the criteria above. Feel free to add it to your resume/credits. For more than 15 years, Songsalive! has held a strong, positive and professional reputation in the music industry, so we don't take our awards lightly!



Nominate yourself

APPLY NOW - click here

Submissions are received through a 3rd party site MusicXray, to make our lives easier. you will be prompted to sign up for a free account before submitting to our Award opportunity.

There is a $20 administrative fee collected for each submission for the Songwriter of the Year Award, if you nominate yourself. Submission fees are non-refundable.

It takes a few hungry humans to go through all songs, listen, and select, let alone prepare the award, promote it and organize a party!

Only 1 submission per person and previous Award winners/recipients cannot re-apply, however if you've applied in the past, you can re-apply each calendar year.


Nominate someone else

If you'd like to nominate a fellow Songsalive! Pro Member, you can do so by emailing us. There is no submission fee. You cannot be that person's family (sister, brother, parent, daughter, wife) or band member. It needs to come from someone who is not directly linked to the nominee, but who feels they are worthy of the award.

Email to gilli @ songsalive. org - with the following information
Your name:
Person you are nominating:
Their Pro Member name, if different from above (find it in the Members Directory)
Why you think they deserve the Award (in one paragraph):

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Stay on our Mailing List to be informed about this program.

See previous recipients below.

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2014 Recipient - Paul Rasmusson

The Award Recipient has been chosen for the 2014 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award, and announced at the recent end of year Holiday Party at the Cork Lounge in Sherman Oaks, CA on December 21st, 2014, to a standing, full house.

The AWARD for 2014 was given to PAUL RASMUSSON, from North Hollywood, California.  (seen in photo).

Paul started his musical career playing piano, guitar and singing in his early teens in Helena, Montana. A few garage bands later, he set off as a solo artist for a period lasting more than a decade. When the “solo life” took its toll on his writing, Paul took a sabbatical that lasted several years. 

After experiencing a creative breakthrough, Paul got serious and returned to songwriting, adding recording and studio engineering to his repertoire.
As a result of his reflective time out, he began writing songs that earned him the “Body of Work” award from Song of the Year for consistent, high quality song submission and was a finalist in the Country Music category which earned him several Honorable Mentions. These awards were followed by additional Honorable Mentions in the Billboard Song Writing competition.

Encouraged by his success, he began writing in alternative musical styles such as pop and independent, focusing mostly on writing for himself as an artist. Side projects resulted in the theme songs and bumper music for the Atomic Dog Radio show, a dog training show airing on over 120 AM radio stations across the United States as well as the webmercial of  bay area auto supply company “Wheelaroo”.

He also contributed two songs on the Songsalive! Compilation CDs from 2012 and 2013 before winning the Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year award for 2014.

Check Paul out at his Songsalive! profile at:

2013 Recipient - Sandy Andina

We had 3 final songwriter nominees: Robert Byrnes of Orange County, CA, Paul Rasmusson of Los Angeles, CA, and Sandy Andina of Chicago, IL.

 The Award Recipient has been chosen for the 2013 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award, and announced at the recent end of year Holiday Party at the Cork Lounge in Sherman Oaks, CA on December 8th, 2013, to a standing, full house.

The AWARD for 2013 was given to SANDY ANDINA, from Chicago, Illinois.  (seen in photo).

Sandy Andina is a veteran of the Chicago folk scene, with detours along the way into rock & roll, comedy, politics and motherhood -- all of which inform her incisive original songs, serious & funny. As a solo artist, Sandy plays acoustic guitar and mountain dulcimer, but in collaboration doubles on bass guitar, harmonica, and baritone ukulele.  With her current singing partner, Stephen Lee Rich, their duo, Andina & Rich have two albums out: 2006’s “Because We Can” on Travenia, the title track of which was a Dr. Demento favorite, and 2010’s “Two Guitars, a Dulcimer and an Attitude” on DulciYodel — listed in 7 categories on the 2010 Grammy ballot and all 14 cuts of which have gotten airplay. Sandy is currently working on her second solo disc “Candy Apple Red Herring,” as well as the followup and holiday Andina & Rich CDs. She plays clubs, concerts and festivals all over Chicagoland, the rest of the Midwest, and occasionally Mid-Atlantic, mid-South, West and far West—as well as the Chicago Bar Association’s annual “Christmas Spirits” satirical musical revue. 

Check Sandy out at her website:

2012 Recipient - Katie Garibaldi

We had 6 songwriter nominees from around the world: Annie Calder (LA/NY), Badi Assad (Brazil), Captain Ambivalent (Chicago), Katie Garibaldi (SF), Paul Rasmussen (LA), Susan Toney (LA)

 The Award Recipient has been chosen for the 2012 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award, announced at our recent end of year Holiday Party at The Mint (venue) in Los Angeles, to a standing, full house.

 The AWARD for 2012 was given to KATIE GARIBALDI, from San Francisco, California.  (seen in photo with Songsalive! president Gilli Moon).

Katie Garibaldi is a touring singer/songwriter/guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her latest album, Next Ride Out, produced by Michael Molenda, noted producer, engineer, and editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, has catapulted the songstress' career into top speed. Katie has been named a Music Connection Magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist and is an endorsed Luna Guitars and Reunion Blues artist. Her new single, "Baby We're Really In Love," a tribute to Hank Williams, is now available on iTunes. Check Katie out at her website


2011 Recipient - Annette Conlon

Annette Conlon was chosen for this prestigious Award and given her Award at a special ceremony as part of the Los Angeles Songsalive! Holiday Party on November 29, 2011. (Seen left, is Annette Conlon, Songsalive! president Gilli Moon, and Executive Director, Dave Harvey)

Awarded for her songwriting, her artistry and her dedication to helping other artists in the community.

  • Annette performed with Dallas rock band Eden Automatic (released 4 albums) for 10 years touring the South West  / opening for prominent acts such as The B-52s, Pretenders, Missing Persons, and Duran Duran.
  • Currently performs with her husband Doug as ‘The Conlons’ - plan to release their first EP in 2012.
  • Won several awards for her songs.
  • Creator of NetteRadio, one of the longest running internet radio shows dedicated to promoting unsigned/Independent Women in Music. 
  • Has dedicated countless hours to producing and organizing showcase benefits for a wide variety of charities.
  • Awarded a plaque of appreciation from the American Red Cross - for her fundraising efforts for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief in 2011.
  • Works with several organizations including Songsalive!, GoGirlsMusic,  Songnet, Rockin’ Moms, Mamapalooza and Los Angeles Women In Music – does a lot for the music community at large.
  • Dedicated Songsalive! member since 2007

See Annette Conlon's Profile

2010 Recipient - Kaye Reznick

Kaye Reznick was chosen for this prestigious award on this criteria:

  • A long standing Elite member and have continued to keep membership current.
  • Performed at our showcases and attended our workshops, and shown commitment to our programs, including 2 of our CD Samplers.
  • Shown commitment and dedication to the broader songwriting community.
  • Shown talent and a long standing drive and commitment to her own career.
  • Has great songs that exemplify strong songwriting craft and excellent production quality.

Kaye Reznick is a contemporary folksinger/songwriter, performing primarily in L.A.'s acoustic venues. Kaye creates stories containing a blend of family, a measure of protest, a pinch of love & lust, and a good portion of irreverence, and ALL in harmony, and she picks a sweet fingerstyle guitar too. Kaye represents the best of the spirit of Songsalive! We congratulate Kaye for receiving this Award and we look forward to rolling out our Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year Award for future years.

See Kaye Reznick's Profile


Gilli Moon - Songsalive! President, Gilli Moon is an artist entrepreneur, coach, author, recording artist,  and community builder.

Mary Lemanski - Songsalive! Director of Operations and Chicago coordinator, Mary Lemanski is an independent singer/songwriter/musician, who has worked widely in the music industry.

Dave Harvey - LA Songsalive! Showcase coordinator, and seasoned industry pro, Dave has been part of the judging panel the last 2 years.

Jeff Walker - Rhymecologist, Artist, Poet, Author and Coach

Our decision is also vetted with a few of our industry peers who we seek counsel and advice.


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