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Replies:0 Songwriting Tips started 23 Hours Ago
Replies:8 Songwriting Prompts started Apr 10th 2012 - last reply 24 Hours Ago by Barryboomer
Replies:0 Need a start to writing lyrics started Apr 9th
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Gary Lee:
Debbie Opp: Lirdin L- Pick a subject you are passionate about. Describe it -make a visual picture
Debbie Opp: Lirdin L- Pick a subject you are passionate about. Describe it make visual picture
Lirdin L.: I am writing music for my senior project, and I am having trouble on the concept of writing lyrics to go with the music.
Debbie Opp: Any Ideas where I could play a personal 6 song set that is like a musical memoir about half hr. long ?
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