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Mary Lemanski
RSVP: Mar 7th 2012

Songsalive! Chicago Songwriters Showcase

Listen to original music by our amazing singer/songwriters.
By:Mary Lemanski
Date:Thursday, March 22, 2012
Time:8PM until 11PM CST
Last Activity:Mar 15th 2012
Location:Heartland Cafe
Address:More information at www.songsalive.org/group/chicago

Featuring talented songwriters from around the globe, theSongsalive! Showcases are the best industry secret, a great happening all around the world. Songsalive! Showcases are a very cozy, intimate and acoustic environment where media and music industry representatives often drop by to check out the latest talent.



Sandy Andina is a veteran of the Chicago folk scene, with detours along the way into rock & roll, comedy, politics and motherhood--all of which inform her often witty but always incisive original songs. Solo, she plays acoustic guitar and mountain dulcimer (but in collaboration also doubles on bass guitar, harmonica and baritone uke). Her solo debut CD of all originals, "Ghosts & Angels," was released on the Essay label in 2001; in 2006 with Susan Urban in the duo SASS! she cut "Album One," on which she wrote slightly more than half the songs; with her current singing partner Stephen Lee Rich, Andina & Rich have two albums out (2006's "Because We Can" on Travenia, the title track of which was a Dr. Demento favorite and 2010's "Two Guitars, a Dulcimer and an Attitude" on DulciYodel--listed in 7 categories on the 2010 Grammy ballot and all 14 cuts of which have gotten airplay). She's working on her second solo disc "Candy Apple Red Herring," as well as the followup and holiday Andina & Rich CDs. You can catch her at clubs, concerts and festivals all over Chicagoland, with forays into the rest of the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, mid-South, West and far West--as well as the Chicago Bar Assn's annual "Christmas Spirits" satirical musical revue.  Sandy would like to thank the Academy…….in advance.  Website: www.sandyandina.com


Dan Gillogly has been a professional musician since he left high school and his mother still wants to know when he is going to get a real job. His wife and four kids understand. Since he is the 3rd of 6 kids, he needs to be performing on stage. It’s cheaper than psychotherapy. He was Music Director at The Second City for 10 years. At one time or another, he has written music for A&E, Comedy Central, WGN, FOX-TV and NPR. He has written, recorded and performed with (in no particular order) – Wishbone Ash, Koko Taylor, Sugar Blue, Aron Burton, R. Kelly, Bootsy Collins, Bonnie Hunt, Stephen Colbert, Nia Vardolos, Adam McKay, Tim Meadows, Joel Murray, Steve Carrel, Jane Lynch and a whole bunch of other folks who aren’t as famous as the people listed above but who would be if you knew them. Dan be performing songs which will be recorded on a new CD in June 2012.  Website: www.glogleemusic.com

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