Friends of Songsalive!

As a 501)c) non-profit public benefit charity, Songsalive! is thankful for its friends who provide us partnership opportunities, sponsorship or community support. We acknowledge them here.

Other Songwriting Organizations we are friends with


Songsalive! Australia

​Since June 2011, Songsalive! Australia was created, which will be an autonomous organisation, running independently of Songsalive! Given the strength and commitment of the Australian members, it became increasingly clear that the logical next step in the organisation’s evolution was to develop Songsalive! Australia, whose independent charter would allow it to move forward within the exciting arena of the modern Australian music industry. With the music industry becoming increasingly global and yet remaining local, having the two organisations running separately, but linked to each other, will allow members of both to draw on the facilities of each, depending upon their circumstance.

Join Songsalive! Australia additionally here.

More info about the decision of the two orgs here.

Our Donors

Special thanks to our PRO Songsalive! Member, Johnny B, for his generous gifts!  On his profile page, he writes, “Nothing is out of the question for me. I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light…Then I’m grateful.”  We are grateful for all you have done for Songsalive! and cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate your help, Johnny B!  To read more about Johnny, please visit


Special Sponsors
Our Sponsors provide an incredible support to our non-profit organization. Often they provide monetary donations, or some kind of in-kind support to help Songsalive! function and do what we do best: support, promote and educate songwriters and composers.

Sponsor Songsalive!
Promote Songsalive! on your site



Our Partners

Our Partners provide key discounts and opportunities exclusively for our members, and in return support our non-profit efforts. Unlike Sponsors, they don't offer monetary nor in-kind donations, however, they offer our Pro Members discounts and promotions to help them in their songwriting journey.


Our Patron

The inception of Songsalive! is owed greatly to the advice and friendship of our following patrons, who guided our President, Gilli Moon, with mentorship in the budding years. We love having them speak at our Songsalive! Workshops when they are available, and we thank them greatly.


Alan Roy Scott - Songwriter to the stars (Patti LaBelle, Celine Dion and more), Alan has been a great advisor and supporter since Songsalive!'s inception also a wonderful addition to our workshops as a speaker, our Songcamps as a writing Mentor and our new Songsalive! Songcraft Program, as Mentor offering one-on-one consultations at a discount.


Friends We Have Loss, We will miss you...

John Braheny 

We at Songsalive! are saddened to share the news that our Patron, workshop guest speaker, teacher and friend, John Braheny, passed Saturday 19th Jan at 1.25pm. We express our sincere love and appreciation to his family and especially to JoAnn Braheny, and wish her strength through this time. John, we will NEVER forget you.

See John's legacy here

d. Whitney Quinn

Recently Songsalive! loss one of our beloved pro members, d. Whitney Quinn. We will always remember him and his beautiful songs. Click here for more information about a memorial event that Songsalive! will be hosting in his honor. 

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Nikki.C: I love music and always like writing, started songwriting 5 years ago, it's a passion of mine.
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star fly: i always wanted to make my own songs
GuitarJohn: Im a Street Busker/songwriter looking to get to the next level
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