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The sampler reaches the hands (and ears) of publishers, record companies, music festivals, trade shows, artists, producers, radio, press, and managers. By placing a song or two on this exclusive CD Sampler, independent music gets heard by a huge network of music industry insiders looking for "that next hit song."

Music conferences and Festivals that the Cd Sampler is exhibited at are listed on our Sponsored Events page. We attend at least 10 a year and send to up to 50. We also have cross-promotional agreements with them to promote our programs as we do theirs.

We also promote the CD Sampler at Songsalive! Chapter events across the world. We have many chapters and all our chapter coordinators get a handful to hand out to the right people.

Also sent to:

- The Songsalive! Film and Music Supervisor List in Los Angeles and New York, many of whom speak at our Workshops.   See our Speakers list here, many of whom are Music Supervisors looking for songs.

- Radio Programs U.S (150 Public Broadcast and Non-Comm stations)

- Music Industry: Various Record Companies, Artists, Song Lead Placement Companies, Producers, Publishers

Some music industry reps who have gained invaluable working relationships through our Samplers include:  Beyond Music Supervision L.A, MusicDish networks, Summit Music Los Angeles, Choicetracks Los Angeles, Goodnight Kiss Music, Peermusic, Pen Music Group Hollywood, Hello Mr Wilson Publishing Sydney, Pacifica Records Sydney, Songlink U.K, Fidof California, Revolution Records, New York,, Music Bridges California, Willow Connection, Australian Music Week, Melbourne, Disney Channel, CBS Network, Telemundo Network Latin America,, LA LA Music, and many artists, producers, labels and managers.

We do not provide contact information of our distribution network to our artists. Sorry! They can contact you, if they like the song, from the CD Sampler itself and our website.

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CD Sampler 12 Artists

The Songsalive! CD Sampler 12 is here!

Featuring Songwriters and their Songs from around the world.


1.  Jackson Wells – “Never Gone”

Jackson Wells crafts all the ordinary elements of everyday life - into extraordinary music. His work has brought him international acclaim, including being honored as a finalist at the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival.


2.  Madison Rose – “Over You”

17-year-old singer/songwriter dynamo Madison Rose channels her inner Joan Jett in her explosive debut full length recording Aftershock.

3.  Damon Rosario – “The Search Engine Alphabet Song (A-M)”

Damon has released a single called "The Search Engine Alphabet Song A-M," now available on iTunes. With the help of musical engineer, Charles Brandick, Damon is currently working on a new full-length cd of original songs, which will most likely be completed by January 2012.

4.  Gilli Moon – “I Can Touch The Sun”

Gilli moon is a singer/songwriter who’s restless creativity and rebellious nature constantly drive her to push the envelope - in the recording studio; when performing on stage; with her company, Warrior Girl Music, or indeed wherever she chooses to place her immeasurable energy. gilli moon is the quintessential renaissance woman.

5.  Michael Addison – “Always You”

Michael Addison… “say it out loud and get use to hearing it”. His epic music is the combination of today’s high-energy pop and heart felt acoustic story telling. Michael Addison’s addictive music is ever evolving and even more exciting songs wait in the future.

6.  Linq – "Life Goes On”

Linq makes a refreshing blend between folk-rock with a touch of blues, vintage R&B and yep, even techno. Her music will either have you dance around in your living room or call your congressperson.

7.  Scizzorman – “Awake To Dream”

Core songwriters of Scizzorman, Terry Vinci & Hugh Bartley bring together an expanse of sound and style that reflects the raw performances made from various contributing artists.

8.  Stephanie Jospa – “Shed My Skin”

Stephanie Jospa's debut CD is an eclectic mix of sultry & soulful songs with significant blues & jazz overtones. Smooth vocals, poetic lyrics, a full array of richly textured music & full-bodied back-up harmonies make this CD uniquely compelling.

9.  Paul Rasmusson – “I Wanna Go Again”

Paul Rasmusson is a multi-talented artist who writes, composes, and performs all of his music. He mixes a variety of style in his music, from vintage rockers like John Hyatt, Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, to country influences such as Brooks and Dunn and Brad Paisley.

10. Luna Blanca – “Gipsy”

El Dorado has traditionally been the name of the fabled Lost City of Gold in South America. Now El Dorado is also the title and inspiration for the fifth album by the German act Luna Blanca, which has risen to become one of the most popular nouveau-flamenco groups in the world.

11.  Madison Rose – “Joanna”

See previous bio at #2

12. Jackson Wells – “Just Though You Should Know”

See previous bio at #1

13.  Bonnie Lee Panda – “Ain’t Going To Break Me”

Bonnie Lee Panda is drawn to the family-oriented, storytelling, rootsy Americana tradition of country music. Bonnie Lee holds nothing back, delivering energetic, sensual and soulful performances and recordings.

14.  Josh Rich – “Ain’t I Glad”

Josh's music and lyrics will grab you, but it’s his voice that brings listeners back: the keen longing, a sweetness tinged with melancholy, and an ache and passion. This music can warm you like a late-night campfire, or catch you up in the throes of sheer abandon.

15.  Scizzorman – “Truth Under Handshakes”

See previous bio at #7

16.  Paul Rasmusson – “BFF”

See previous bio at #9

17.  Voice Of Addiction – “Mother”

Voice Of Addiction takes on the attitude that the punk rock revolution instilled in us, but infuses it with genre-mashing breakdowns. Sometimes described as a "unique refreshing slant to the rock world."

18.  Stephanie Jospa – “Water Under The Bridge”

See previous bio at #8

19.  Philip Feinstein – “Expedition”

Philip Feinstein music is best suited for film and television. He records his music in such a way that if the entire song is not needed, he can split up into different songs for whatever the requirement.



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Making compilation CDs for songwriters since 1997.

Songsalive!, the largest internationally based non-profit organization supporting, promoting and educating songwriters and composers, has created CD Samplers since 1997 as a platform to showcase songwriters and their songs to the world. Every year, our CD Samplers have attracted songwriters from the four corners of the globe.  

*It's all about the songwriter and the song*

  • exposure of great songwriting talent and songs to the world's music markets.
  • a way for songwriters and the music industry to connect directly with no middleman.
  • a unique promotion of independent songwriters seeking placement of their songs, rather than 'artists' seeking fame.
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CD Sampler 12 News


Conference Promotion - The CD sampler 12 has been distributed to the following conferences, so far! (Either via our Songsalive! booth display or in the goodie bags)

  • Independent Music Conference (IMC) - Los Angeles
  • Billboard & Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference - Hollywood CA
  • Taxi Road Rally, Los Angeles
  • Durango Songwriters Expo - Santa Barbara, CA
  • To the US Troops in Afganistan and Iraq. Click here for press release
  • Ascap Expo, LA (upcoming)

Media outlets (see to the left where we send). 

Various Music Supervisors who place songs in film and TV (see to the left)

All our Songsalive! Chapters and events


We do not provide contact information of our distribution network to our artists. Sorry! They can contact you, if they like the song, from the CD Sampler itself and our website, as per the Artist listing bottom left.

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Songsalive!, the largest international non-profit organization supporting songwriters and composers. The Songsalive! CD Sampler series is a cost-effective, high-profile medium for songwriters to reach the music industry worldwide.

The submission deadline is over. We are currently promoting the CD Sampler 12.

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